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Contact information for QueenAzzara.com and myself.

There are severals ways to get in touch with queenazzara.com
or me in person.

Notice: To contact me personally doesn´t mean escort service
or something similar. This is 100 % serious and is made
for serious business offers or members who wanna ask
something of interest.

In members area I will have also some mobile phone
contact number, Skype and similar.

Support: support@queenazzara.com

Common questions: support@queenazzara.com
(You must be a registered member to see my private direct email)

Contact with me in person:xxxxxx@queenazzara.com
(You must be a registered member to see this information)

Visitors or photographers, agencies or similar, and
even business people, can only contact me after registered
as members. This is to keep up good service and quality
and also avoid a lot of spam which is easier to happen
ouside members area.
It is so easy also to get spam from unserious people
who wanna get in contact with me. And to sort out hundreds
of unserious mail from the serious ones is a pretty hard work.

And know that all normal serious poeple doesn´t mind to
register in order to contact me for some questions.

facesitting, bondage, spanking, ass spanking, dildo, amateur sex, nylon sex




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